Frequently Asked Questions

What will my child learn in a KidzArt class? 
At KidzArt, our students are introduced to a personal "tool box" of creative skills. Through our interactive class format, they learn how to use these tools to access the power of their imagination! Students begin to express their ideas freely and overcome the impulse to judge themselves...we help build self confidence through self-expression! Art is all about feeling the freedom to take risks, to explore the unknown, and to trust your own judgement...because when you are free to dream, you find the power to create!

Does my child need to bring anything to KidzArt class? 
No. All supplies assocaited with the class are included in your tuition price and are provided by KidzArt. Your child can bring an old t-shirt or apron to wear to class if they wish, but it is not required.  

When is payment due? 
Payment is due at the time of registration. Payment is required to secure your child's spot in class. 

My child is shy. Will she be comfortable in a KidzArt class? 
We find that shy children often come out of their shell in a class where they are encouraged to be creative! We teach students that there are "no mistakes in art" and that it is okay to make your art special and unique. Through our interactive class format, students learn from their peers and make new friends. Our classes appeal to all kinds of personality types. 

What time is class? 
Our after school classes take place immediately after school releases. For Wake County schools, we operate under the WCPSS calendar; when school is closed, KidzArt does not hold classes. Our classes last for 1 hour, after which students will be taken to carpool pick up area or after school program depending on individual family's need.

We want more KidzArt! What do you offer outside of the after school programs? 

We offer birthday parties and summer camps! Contact our office for more details or browse our Birthday Parties or Camps pages here on the website.